Our Results

Our vision is bold. Our methods are proven. And our results speak for themselves.

Williamsburg Learning Schools, which includes Leadership Academy of Nevada, graduates have been admitted to some of the most selective universities, including Harvard, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, Northwestern, Hillsdale, BYU, London School of Economics, Yale Business School, Dartmouth, Harding, Boston College, and more. Many of our students are able to attend their first college of choice. One hundred percent of alumni surveyed said that the Williamsburg Learning program prepared them well for college.

Is Leadership Academy of Nevada accredited?

Yes. Leadership Academy of Nevada is accredited via the Williamsburg Learning Corporate accreditation by AdvancED. AdvancED is one of the largest organizations of educational professionals in the world and accrediting partner to over 30,000 schools and school systems. Leadership Academy of Nevada will remain accredited through June 2022 when we will participate in the review process once more to renew our certificate.

All credit earned at Leadership Academy of Nevada is recognized by all other schools accredited by AdvancED. It is also recognized by most high schools accredited by other organizations. Most public and private high schools recognize and accept transfer credit from Leadership Academy of Nevada.

Our graduates have been admitted to some of the most selective universities in the United States.

Our Hiring Process

Because Williamsburg Learning (WL) is an online worldwide program we can hire mentors from all over the world. These mentors have differing perspectives and talents, a range of life experiences, and various methods of connecting to and interacting with our students. WL and Leadership Academy of Nevada has the highest standards in the industry when it comes to hiring mentors who are exceptionally talented at teaching and building meaningful relationships with students. In addition, we provide world-class professional development for our mentors.

Here are qualifications we look for in each of our mentors:

  • Must deeply own their own education and be able to show plenty of evidence in their lives that they have gone beyond the normal educational paths due to their own initiative. Learned languages, traveled, worked on higher level degrees, had significant and unique life experience that they can bring into the classroom. Bachelor’s degree is a minimum but many of our staff have advanced degrees.
  • Must be engaging in the classroom
  • Must be willing to continue to grow
  • Must be highly organized and responsive
  • Must have a deep understanding and investment in their area of mentorship
  • Must be principled leaders who faithfully live by their individual moral compass
  • Must love connecting with students and supporting them on their paths
  • If chosen for the role, they will be asked to commit many hours to professional development (PD) right away.
  • Rigorous ongoing PD, including the option to complete the intensive “Mentor Mastery” curriculum.
  • Potential mentors practice teach in their interview
  • We thoroughly check references

Want More Proof?

  • Together, Williamsburg Learning (WL) and Leadership Academy of Nevada (LANV), have prepared thousands of students for college with over 29,000 course enrollments.
  • WL has the highest percentage of course completion in online k-12 education.
  • 95% of WL parents recommend WL schools, which includes LANV.
  • 67% of WL growth comes from word of mouth.
  • WL students have won financial competitions with brick-and-mortar schools in Investment Portfolio Management.
  • WL has placed students at Ivy-League schools and other top universities in the country.