About Us

Leadership Academy of Nevada is an online charter school.

There may not be any other school quite like Leadership Academy of Nevada. As an online charter school, our model draws on the advantages of other systems: the public funding and accountability of a public school, the bureaucracy-free innovation and independence of a private school, and the personalization and self-direction of homeschooling.

We combine this unique model with our focus on leadership, technology, and the liberal arts. The result is a challenging and personal educational experience unlike any other. As our students stretch to meet high expectations in an encouraging environment, they learn and thrive. They develop the personal virtue and strong character necessary to become a principled leader.

If you live anywhere in Nevada and you want to enrich your education beyond the opportunities available to you through public, private, or home schooling, Leadership Academy of Nevada is uniquely able to help you fulfill your potential.

Classical Education for Leaders

The most important feature of Leadership Academy is the caliber of our education. A Leadership Academy education is rooted in our confident belief that our students are to become great leaders. We hold this belief because as our mentors hold students to high expectations, they consistently meet and exceed them. Mentors prepare their students by exposing them to a classical education, one steeped in the greatest and most ennobling ideas of history. Learn more about our educational methods.

Charter School

Being a charter school means that any young person in Nevada from 6th to 12th grade can participate in Leadership Academy’s high caliber education entirely for free. Charter schools combine the public funding and accountability of a public school with the sort of independence and innovation you would expect from a private school. Learn more about charter schools.

Online School

Leadership Academy is an online school because that is the most effective method to deliver our personal and powerful education to anyone in Nevada. While other forms of online education are sometimes sterile or impersonal, Leadership Academy uses virtual classrooms that are at least as interactive as brick-and-mortar schools. Classes meet in real time and hold discussions over webcam. Online classes allow Leadership Academy to overcome limitations of distance, train students to be more capable and personable with technology, and give students more flexibility and control over their own education. Learn more about our online classrooms.