Mission & Beliefs

Our mission is to provide highly-motivated and self-directed students in Nevada with a classical education so they can become principled leaders.

Group of students discussing Leadership Academy of Nevada's missionLeadership Academy of Nevada’s mission outlines the commitment we make to the students of Nevada. It is reflected in our model, our methods, and our curriculum. It stems from our belief in the astonishing potential of our students.

We believe that our students have within them the motivation to meaningfully invest in their education. We do not attempt to manipulate our students to work hard through grades or other ploys. We believe that a powerful education is its own reward and expect our students to feel excited to learn.

We believe that our students can take control of their own education. We provide excellent mentors to guide and empower them and expect parents to likewise lead and support them, but we believe that they have the right to take command of their own future and the capacity to shoulder that responsibility.

We believe that if our future is to be even brighter than our past, our students must have a complete understanding of the most powerful ideas in history. Our curriculum focuses on the classics, the transformative and challenging works that have shaped mankind’s thinking over the centuries. Since we expect our students to grow into leaders who could stand as equals among the greatest thinkers, writers, artists, innovators, and statesmen of history, we inspire our students to engage with and master their thoughts and arguments.

We believe that as our students become familiar with the works of the greatest thinkers of history they will be able to transcend the prejudices of time, place, and culture to understand universal truth. Leadership Academy does not affiliate with or support any faith, church, or religion. Rather, we deferentially challenge students to explore their own beliefs and to discover the ethical realities and moral responsibilities associated with being simply human.

We believe in the power of great leadership. We identify a leader as someone who lives their life according to principles, rather than allowing themselves to be dominated by the whims, passions, and sophistry that surround them. We hope to train our students to become such leaders by fostering within them the love of truth, ability to think critically, and self-discipline to transcend their environments. We are absolutely confident that all of our students can become great leaders.

We believe that every person has the potential that we see in our students. One reason we are an online charter school is so that the opportunities we provide can be accessible to all middle and high school students in Nevada regardless of their location or their economic circumstances. We invite and accept any students willing to strive toward our high expectations.