*22.6 is the highest overall average score of all NV charter schools and the 6th highest overall average score of all NV high schools for 2016-17.

The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) recently recognized Leadership Academy of Nevada (LANV) for making significant gains on our ACT scores.  In June of 2017, NDE released the 2016-17 ACT test results for the state of Nevada. Although Nevada’s ACT scores have been flat for the last three years, NDE identified four Nevada high schools that “have showed significant growth on their ACT results over the past three years that can be directly attributed to interventions taken at those schools.” Leadership Academy of Nevada was highlighted for increasing their ACT scores from 18.9 in 2015, to 20.0 in 2016, and to 22.6 in 2017. These scores represent a three-year increase of 3.7 points for LANV, one of the top three-year increases in the state. The 22.6 ACT score puts LANV in the top ten of all Nevada high schools for the 2016-17 school year.  More impressively, LANV’s 22.6 ACT score is the highest score among all Nevada charter schools for the 2016-17 school yearwhich is unprecedented for an online school!

How did LANV achieve this important accomplishment? Bryon Richardson, LANV Executive Director, attributes the success of LANV’s increasing ACT scores to three factors: teaching students how to think, utilizing an engaging curriculum, and providing students with a psychologically safe atmosphere in which to learn. To learn more about these three factors, please click HERE to read the Leadership Academy of Nevada 2017 ACT Press Release. You can also click HERE if you are interested in reading the official Nevada Department of Education 2017 ACT Press Release.


The new scores for the 2017-18 school year will be published the summer of 2018.