Elective & Second Language Program Overview

Our Approach

Students using our curriculum take several leadership courses to graduate, leaving room for only three elective credits. Further, to increase probability of being admitted to competitive college programs, many students choose to take two credits of second language, leaving room for only one additional elective. Therefore, we offer few electives.

Students may apply excess credit in any other program towards satisfying their required elective credits. For example, if you have 4.0 Science credits (only 3.0 are required for graduation), the extra science credit will automatically decrease your required elective credits by 1.0 credit. The description of each elective course provides all related details.

High School Elective & Second-Language Courses

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Second Language9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Independent Elective9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Concepts of Engineering & Technology9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Marine Science: Secrets of the Deep Blue9-120.5Self-pacedNone
International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Law & Order: Introduction to Legal Studies9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Fashion & Interior Design9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Introduction to Culinary Arts9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Journalism 29-120.5LiveNone
Student Body Leadership A10-120.5LiveFor student ambassadors
Student Body Leadership B10-120.5LiveFor student ambassadors
Computer Technology9-120.5Self-PacedNone
Game Design and Development *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Digital Media Editing & Graphic Design *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Become a Digital Artist *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Sound and Audio Engineering *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Intro to Web Development HTML/CSS *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
3D Design and Animation *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
3D Printing and Design *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Java Programming with Minecraft *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Game Programming with JavaScript *9-120.5Self-pacedNone
Python Progamming *9-12.5Self-pacedNone

* Offered in collaboration with MyTechHigh and Tech Trep.