Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Leadership Academy and receive an advanced high school diploma, students must receive 24 credits and pass specific examinations determined by Nevada law. This holds our students to a higher standard than the 22.5 credits required by the state of Nevada.

Since a liberal arts education requires a breadth of knowledge, students are required to take a number of credits in each of the following subjects:

ProgramRequired CreditRequired Courses
Math3.0 CreditsComplete all of the following:
HS Math 1 A/B, or Algebra 1A* and Geometry 1A**
HS Math 2 A/B, or Algebra 1B* and Geometry 1B**
HS Math 3 A/B, or Algebra 2*
To earn an advanced diploma, students must also complete Precalculus.

*As of Fall, 2017 these courses are no longer offered.
**As of Fall, 2018 these courses are no longer offered.
Science3.0 CreditsComplete 2.0 credits of lab science courses (Biology A/B, Chemistry A/B, Physics A/B) plus 1.0 credit of an additional foundational or any other science course (such as Earth Science A/B, Astronomy A/B).
Note that many selective colleges want to see the following courses on an applicant’s transcript: Biology A/B, Chemistry A/B, Physics A/B.
Social Studies3.0 CreditsComplete U.S. History A/B, Government & Economics A/B, World Civilizations (0.5 credit), and Geography & World Events (0.5 credit).
Language Arts4.0 CreditsComplete Writing & Rhetoric A/B (LA 9), American Lit A/B (LA 10), Political Lit (LA 11A) (0.5 credit), Short Stories (LA 11B) (0.5 credit), and World Lit A/B (LA 12)
Leadership3.0 CreditsComplete Personal Leadership* A/B, Social Leadership A/B, College Leadership (0.5 credit), Financial Leadership (0.5 credit), and Leadership Block (0.5 credit per semester).
*Effective Fall, 2017, Personal Leadership B will still be a required course; however, it will now satisfy .5 credit of required PE coursework.
PE & Health2.5 CreditsComplete all of the following:
Mind & Body Stewardship (0.5 credit)
Personal Leadership B (0.5 credit) (taken Fall 2017 or later)
1.5 additional credit from the following courses: Elevation (0.5 credit)(fee involved), Independent PE (0.5 credit). Students may take Elevation and/or Independent PE multiple times.
Fine Arts1.0 CreditsAny 1.0 credits, including from the following courses: Filmmaking (0.5 credit), Photography (0.5 credit), Beauty of Music (0.5 credit), Guitar Revolution (0.5 credit), Theater A/B (0.5 credit), Fashion & Interior Design* (0.5), Introduction to Culinary Arts* (0.5), Independent Fine Arts (0.5 credit). Students may take Independent Fine Arts multiple times.
Electives and Second Language4.0 CreditsAny 4.0 credits. See the Electives Program Overview for a list of Elective courses* offered.
Excess credit in any Program above will also apply to satisfy elective credit requirements.
Note that many selective colleges want to see 2.0 credits of a second language on an applicant’s transcript.
Computer Technology0.5 CreditsComplete this course. The new MS Typing & Tech course completes this requirement if taken Fall 2017 or later.

In addition to credit requirements, the state of Nevada also requires candidates for high school diplomas to pass specific examinations. Students can consult the Nevada Department of Education informational pamphlet to learn which exams they will be required to take based on their year of graduation.