Fine Arts Program Overview

Our Approach

  1. Become familiar with and appreciate the world’s great works of art and music.
  2. Learn to create art themselves.

We believe that humans are meant to create––it is one of our noblest capabilities. Fine arts are important because they help us express ourselves, they drive us towards the good, the true and the beautiful, and they remind us that life is inherently meaningful.

Creative fluency and skill are becoming increasingly important in the modern economy. The science and technology of the 20th century have proven that man can do just about anything. The question is, if multiple businesses and groups can do the same thing, what will make your ideas stand out? The answer to that question is this: design. Whoever packages their ideas in the most fluid, intuitive, beautiful way wins. That means students need artistic skills in many media, now more than ever.

We believe that some of our students will change the world through film, drawing, photography, painting, music, and drama. We also believe that even those who are not artists will need to be skillful at developing websites, advertisements, logos, and other practical tools that require practice in design. We think every student can become skilled at creating.

Independent Fine Arts Courses

Independent Fine Arts Courses allow students to earn academic credit for the activities they are already doing, such as dance, theater, music, voice, visual art, film, photography, etc.

Fine Arts Courses at LANV

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Filmmaking9-120.5Live (Winter Semester)None
Photography9-120.5Live (Fall Semester)None
Guitar Revolution9-120.5Self-PacedNone
Beauty of Music9-120.5Live or Self-PacedNone
Independent Fine Arts9-120.5Independent StudiesNone
Theater A9-120.5LiveNone
Theater B9-120.5LiveNone
Fashion & Interior Design9-120.5Self-PacedNone
Introduction to Culinary Arts9-120.5Self-PacedNone