Read a letter to parents from the Governing Board.

Governing Board Minutes and Agendas

All standard board meetings are conducted online, open to the public, and recorded. Members of the public may comment during specific periods of board meetings, as directed by the Chair. Members of the public may also ask that agenda items be added to upcoming meetings. To do this, email us with the specific agenda item you want to request. We recommend you log in at least 10 minutes early in case you need to download or update software.

Board Meetings: Minutes & Agendas

Board Meetings and Trainings are normally held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm Pacific, unless otherwise noted.  Dates are as follows:

June 21, 2018AgendaMinutes
May 17, 2018AgendaMinutes
April 11, 2018AgendaMinutes
March 28, 2018AgendaMinutes
March 7, 2018 (Special Board Meeting)AgendaMinutes
February 28, 2018 (Special Board Meeting)AgendaMinutes
February 13, 2018AgendaMinutes
January 18, 2018AgendaMinutes
January 6, 2018 (training)AgendaMinutes
October 12, 2017 AgendaMinutes
September 21, 2017 (training)AgendaMinutes
August 31, 2017AgendaMinutes
May 18, 2017AgendaMinutes
April 20, 2017 (training)AgendaMinutes
March 16, 2017AgendaMinutes
February 16, 2017 (training)AgendaMinutes
January 19, 2017AgendaMinutes
November 8, 2016AgendaMinutes
October 18, 2016AgendaMinutes
October 10, 2016 (workshop)AgendaMinutes
September 20, 2016 (training)AgendaMinutes
August 23, 2016AgendaMinutes
June 21, 2016AgendaMinutes
May 17, 2016AgendaMinutes
March 15, 2016AgendaMinutes
January 19, 2016AgendaMinutes
November 17, 2015AgendaMinutes
October 27, 2015AgendaMinutes
September 15, 2015AgendaMinutes
August 18, 2015AgendaMinutes
July 21, 2015AgendaMinutes
June 16, 2015AgendaMinutes
May 21, 2015AgendaMinutes
April 9, 2015AgendaMinutes
March 19, 2015AgendaMinutes
February 12, 2015AgendaMinutes
January 15, 2015AgendaMinutes
November 13, 2014AgendaMinutes
October 9, 2014AgendaMinutes
September 11, 2014AgendaMinutes
August 14, 2014AgendaMinutes
July 10, 2014AgendaMinutes
June 12, 2014AgendaMinutes
May 8, 2014AgendaMinutes
April 17, 2014AgendaMinutes
February 13, 2014AgendaMinutes
January 9, 2014AgendaMinutes
November 14, 2013AgendaMinutes
October 10, 2013AgendaMinutes
August 21, 2013AgendaMinutes
August 8, 2013AgendaMinutes
July 11, 2013AgendaMinutes
June 13, 2013AgendaMinutes
May 23, 2013AgendaMinutes
April 11, 2013AgendaMinutes
March 14, 2013AgendaMinutes

Committee Meetings: Minutes & Agendas

Dates are as follows:

May 9, 2018 (Governance Committee)AgendaMinutes
April 25, 2018 (Governance Committee)AgendaMinutes
April 13, 2018 (Task Force Committee)AgendaMinutes
April 10, 2018 (Governance Committee)AgendaMinutes
April 5, 2018 (Task Force Committee)AgendaMinutes
March 15, 2018 (Executive Committee)AgendaMinutes

Get Involved

We are continually working to build a strong network of board members and committees to steer the school. To learn more about opportunities to serve on the board, or a committee, please contact Governing Board Chair Valerie Blake, If you are interested in being employed by Leadership Academy, please look to see if you qualify for any of our job openings.