Social Studies Program Overview

Our Approach

The purpose of our Social Studies Program is to help our students become liberal artists. The liberal arts are the skills necessary to be fully human—reading, thinking, writing, speaking, analyzing, problem solving. At Leadership Academy of Nevada, we believe that social studies courses are an ideal place to help students become liberal artists by simultaneously practicing the skills of being human and exploring humanity itself.

We think a key way to learn about human society is to read the original works of humanity’s great thinkers, philosophers, historians, and political scientists. By studying their original writings we learn how to think about the constructs of human society, and we deepen our appreciation and understanding of humanity itself.

Our Social Studies Program employs highly engaging assignments designed to help students deepen their skills as liberal artists, including debates, simulations, diagrams, presentations and discussions of current events.

Our Literature courses are designed to enrich our Social Studies courses. We recommend students take American Literature with U.S. History, Political Literature and Short Stories with Government, and World Literature with World Civilizations. Social Studies helps students appreciate the bones and meat of human society and Literature supplies the lifeblood.

High School Social Studies Courses

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisitesVersions
U.S. History A100.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
U.S. History B100.5LiveU.S. History AClassic/Honors
Government & Economics A110.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
Government & Economics B110.5LiveGovernment & Economics AClassic/Honors
World Civilizations120.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
Geography & World Events120.5LiveWorld CivilizationsClassic/Honors