Humanities Program Overview

Our Approach

In our blended Humanities (6th/7th grade and 8th grade) classes, we look at lessons, patterns and major ideas from throughout history. Through classes and projects that engage students’ five senses using imaginative travel and artistic, musical and culinary elements, students experience the cultures of a variety of countries, across time and space. The human condition offers rich opportunities for colloquia, simulation, and projects, and we build classes and projects that dive deeply into questions and circumstances that beg to be understood.

The language arts are also woven throughout the curriculum. Reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing are essential to understanding the humanities. Students’ ability to fluently speak, write, listen and read are honed through practice, and through projects specifically designed to draw attention to these things.

Literature is a staple that offers insight into the humanities and also helps students refine their language arts skills. We use literature that is worth reading and re-reading; we frequently choose texts that have withstood the test of time, yet when we find excellent recent literature, that also becomes a class staple.

In each Humanities class we emphasize the education of the whole person, including the education of the senses through art and music. We utilize art as one of the great ways to develop the refinement and discernment of the senses. Memorization also plays an important role throughout each term. Students gain confidence with speaking and presenting and become more attentive listeners. By combining beauty, analysis, creativity and discipline within the learning process, the Humanities 6-8 program promotes well-rounded, thoughtful students.

Middle School Humanities Courses

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisitesVersions
Humanities 6/7 A6/70.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
Humanities 6/7 B6/70.5LiveHumanities 6/7 A (Recommended)Classic/Honors
Humanities 6/7 C6/70.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
Humanities 6/7 D6/70.5LiveHumanities 6/7 C (Recommended)Classic/Honors
Humanities 8 A80.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
Humanities 8 B80.5LiveHumanities 8 A (Recommended)Classic/Honors