Leadership Program Overview

Our Approach

We aim to provide the highest quality, online project-based education available to intermediate age students. We do this by offering an integrated curriculum with caring mentors, and engaging meaningful projects. At the center of everything we do and offer is our Leadership course.

Our Leadership curriculum covers the following subjects: Self-leadership, Public leadership, Literature/biographies, Creative writing, Crocodiles International Leadership concepts and Effective study and scheduling concepts and habits. Self-control lies at the base of sound institutions of every level of society. In Leadership classes, we explore what it means to lead one’s self, and we discuss how this base serves as a critical societal support.

We begin every day by helping students discover the hidden potential for leadership in each challenge they face. Rather than seeing this time of life as a time to be endured, students come to see the unique opportunities before them. They begin to uncover nascent leadership capacities. They look more deeply at the change they are experiencing and learn to see change as a reason to reach higher, instead of an excuse for mediocrity.

In small classes with inspiring mentors, students learn to survey their lives and themselves with the help of unchanging truths; life soon feels less accidental and more creative. In Leadership classes, students identify their own unique heroes, adventures, gifts, and barriers, and establish patterns of turning to these guidelines. They learn that amidst changing hormones, friendships, and circumstances, they can uncover their inner strengths and inspirations, and find anchoring guidance through purposeful patterns. The path of self-discovery becomes a joy and an adventure rather than mindless, purposeless race to the end.

At the “end” of each school year, all students are enrolled in a 3-week Leadership Block Course that extends beyond the last day of other classes. This is the capstone leadership course and includes teaching humanitarian service.

Leadership Courses (Middle School)

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Leadership 6/7 A6/70.5LiveNone
Leadership 6/7 B6/70.5LiveLeadership 6/7 A (Recommended)
Leadership 6/7 C6/70.5LiveNone
Leadership 6/7 D6/70.5LiveLeadership 6/7 C (Recommended)
Leadership 8 A80.5LiveNone
Leadership 8 B80.5LiveLeadership 8 A (Recommended)