High School Methods

The methods of learning in our high school courses reflect the commitments outlined in our mission to prepare and empower principled leaders. These methods are founded upon three pillars: leadership, technology, and the liberal arts. By synthesizing these three elements, we help students understand the wisdom of the past, master the tools of the modern age, and build the moral fortitude to use what they learn to better themselves and the world around them.


The ability students have, coupled with high mentor expectations, to progress academically far surpasses any other high-school we have been associated with.

-Heidi W., Las Vegas, NV


Students at Leadership Academy enjoy an education that does not confine them to points of view specific to any time or place. Like the great leaders of all ages, they engage in the great conversations that have enveloped the human race for millennia by reading, experiencing, and writing about the most powerful works of literature, art, and philosophy.

As students stretch to satisfy their hunger to participate in the great debates that have shaped humanity and culture, our mentors help them to think, learn, love, and live in deeper ways. Their capacity to reason and communicate develops rapidly as they begin to understand the world around them in the greater context of human history. They develop a stronger sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement.


While the great ideas that define the human experience are unchanging, we recognize that technology has fundamentally changed how we experience these ideas. As an online school, Leadership Academy embraces and harnesses the impact of technology and is perfectly positioned to prepare students to do the same. By regularly interacting in an online environment, our students become comfortable and competent with digital tools and communications technology. As a result, they expand their circle of influence through the reach of the internet and graduate not only with a superb education but also with the ability to put that education to use.


Through the liberal arts and technology we hope to empower our students both with impactful ideas and the means to make an impact. An education in leadership is another essential ingredient to this empowerment. At Leadership Academy, we understand a leader to be someone with the moral discipline to make commitments to themselves and others and then keep those commitments by effectively managing their time and energy. We do everything in our power to live as leaders and invite and encourage our students to do the same.

Leadership courses are a fundamental part of our students’ experience. At both the middle and high school level, students meet in small groups with mentors who train them to live as leaders and inspire them to do so. Together with these mentors, students make commitments, practice time management, explore the importance of strong character, and begin to hold themselves accountable for what they accomplish. If they take advantage of these experiences, they will leave Leadership Academy as principled leaders and will be prepared for college and adult life.