leadershipAt Leadership Academy, leadership is not merely a name, it represents a fundamental aspect of our mission and beliefs. Like other schools, Leadership Academy measures its success by setting specific goals for our students, but while the goals of other schools aim to prepare their students to be consistent employees, insightful academics, or trained specialists in fields like medicine or engineering, our curriculum focuses on preparing students to be great leaders in any and every vocation they pursue.

What is Leadership?

We understand a leader to be someone who takes the initiative. We do not want our students to merely react to their circumstances or be driven to conclusions by popular whims and compelling demagoguery. Rather, we hope they will have the capacity to make correct decisions and stand up for what they believe. We teach this to our students in terms of commitments. At Leadership Academy, students learn to make commitments and they develop the discipline to always follow through on their commitments.

Why an Education in Leadership?

There are two reasons we focus on leadership. First, we believe that an education in leadership will best serve the needs of our students. By mastering the principles of leadership, our students will be equipped to lead lives that are meaningful and fulfilling, they will have the ability to learn and excel in whatever field they enter, and they will be highly valued by potential employers. Second, we believe that society on a national and global scale needs leaders. We hope that the students we teach will be ready to put in the effort to advance liberty and make a better world.

How We Teach Leadership

Leadership courses form the core of our curriculum at both the middle school and high school level. These classes are designed to set students up for success in all their other courses. In leadership classes, mentors lead discussions on important principles, give students the chance to practice making serious commitments, and teach them how to manage their time and energy so they can keep their commitments.

In addition to the leadership program, all courses and mentors teach leadership principles. In addition to leadership, our methods train students in technology and the liberal arts. As our students dive into the liberal arts, they are exposed to the thoughts and arguments of some of the greatest leaders in history, and they learn to think and act at the same level as these powerful examples.