Parent Expectations

Parents occupy an almost indispensable role in our educational methods. Students at Leadership Academy are trained to be independent and accountable, but parental support and encouragement is a decisively powerful way to inspire students to reach their learning potential. While we do not avoid our own responsibility and we emphasize the personal responsibility of each student, we expect parents to play a meaningful part in the education of their children.


Parents have the responsibility to work with our staff to ensure that each student has the basic resources to participate at Leadership Academy:

  1. A computer with a working camera and microphone
  2. Required books and other low-cost project materials
  3. A reliable internet connection

If necessary, parents can borrow computer equipment from Leadership Academy, subject to school policies. The school also covers the cost of books and materials if requested.

Parents will also need to provide students with a quiet environment in which to attend class and study, as well as time free from chores or other obligations so that students can study and complete assignments. They should also attend or watch recordings of parent meetings and schedule time to participate in parent-mentor conferences.

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Middle School to High School

As a student progresses from middle school to high school, parental involvement has to evolve. Parental involvement is more important at the middle school level than at the high school. Every student is different, so parents will have to adapt to their particular needs. While middle school students will begin to want more independence, they may still require significant accountability and support from both parents and mentors as they learn to manage their time and energy. As they progress, however, they should begin to hold themselves accountable and parents should grant them more independence.

Participation & Support

Whether students are beginning middle school and require lots of accountability or are finishing high school and have mastered the management of their time and resources, it is imperative that parents take an active interest in the education of their children. Courses at Leadership Academy are designed to be challenging. Students will benefit enormously from daily encouragement from their parents. As parents and mentors join together to hold students to high expectations and then provide them with support, guidance, and love, students will flourish and grow into principled leaders.