General Q&A

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Age & Residency Requirements - State Testing

What grades and ages does Leadership Academy serve?

We currently serve grades 6 – 12.

Does Leadership Academy accept adults?

No. We do not provide adult programs.

Is Leadership Academy available to all students in Nevada?

Leadership Academy is open to students anywhere in the state. Students are sometimes required to travel to testing locations in neighboring cities for annual state testing. Students outside the state can not attend LANV. However, we use The Williamsburg Curriculum, and there are other state charter schools that use the curriculum. Williamsburg Academy is a private high school and middle school. Both schools serve students across the U.S. and provide an experience and education similar to Leadership Academy.

Are students required to participate in Nevada state or other standardized testing?

Yes, all students are required to participate in state-mandated tests. Each student is not required to take all of these tests each school year. See the Assessments page for more details.

Accreditation - Applying - Enrollment Cap

Is Leadership Academy accredited?

Leadership Academy is accredited by AdvancED. All credit earned at Leadership Academy is recognized by all other schools accredited by AdvancED. Please see our accreditation certificate here.

Does LANV offer NCAA-approved courses?

After undergoing an evaluation by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), we are proud to announce that student athletes now have the opportunity to earn credit in a wide range of high school courses that are NCAA approved! To view a complete list of LANV’s courses that have been approved by the NCAA, please CLICK HERE and enter 850972 for the “NCAA High School Code.” (Don’t forget to hit the “search” button.)

If you have any questions about LANV’s courses that are approved by the NCAA, please contact Mr. Richardson at

How do I apply for enrollment?

We have a simple online enrollment process. Go to the Enrollment page to learn the details.

When is the open enrollment period?

We accept students as long as there is space. You can be placed on a waiting list if we are at capacity, as sometimes students need to drop for one reason or another. Enrollment opens for a new school year at the end of January.

Can a charter school student also participate in sports at his/her local district school?

Yes. According to Nevada law, if there is available space in the local program, the school district will authorize qualified charter school students upon the request of parents. See NRS 386.560 (6).

Important Dates - Summer - Part-time

When does school start and end?

The school year begins August 15th and ends May 25th. The fall semester ends Friday, December 16th. The first day of winter semester is Tuesday, January 3rd.

When is the open enrollment period?

We accept students as long as there is space. You can be placed on a waiting list if we are at capacity, as sometimes students need to drop for one reason or another. Enrollment opens for a new school year at the end of January.

Does Leadership Academy operate during summer?

No. We operate during fall and winter semesters only.

Can students enroll part time?

No. Leadership Academy is a full-time program.

Is there a cap on enrollment?

Yes. Apply for enrollment early for the best chance of securing a spot.

School Culture - Parents - Governing Board

What is the school culture like?

A successful school will be one in which all of those involved have a clear vision and are working together for the students’ success. The environment will feel more like a group of friends and colleagues helping each other in a common goal, not just individuals putting in time. It will be a team effort from the board, administration, staff, families, and individual students. Students will be enthusiastic about class. They will trust their mentors and be willing to do the hard work. This is our culture.

How do I know if Leadership Academy is right for my child?

The best way is to meet with one of our enrollment team members so we can learn about your family’s needs and answer your questions. You can also read the rest of this site to get a feel for our mission, methods, and curriculum.

Is Leadership Academy solely an online school?

Leadership Academy is an entirely online school. With a virtual charter, there is not usually a brick-and-mortar campus where students attend class. Students participate from their own homes or any location with an internet connection. LANV has a headquarters office in Las Vegas with a small number of staff.

What is Leadership Block?

Leadership Block is our third term. It is a three-week block that starts the day after finals and ends on the last day of school. This is required for all students. It is a graded course and is posted on transcripts. High school students will earn 0.5 credit in Electives for a passing grade.

Leadership Block focuses on a set of leadership principles that are studied throughout the year and provides an opportunity for LANV students to really dig deep to learn about and practice these traits. Students will read a book, watch a movie, study a biography, create a Leadership Project, and more. It has become a highlight of our year and something we all anticipate.

What is required of parents?

Parents are required to meet with their student for 20 minutes each week and generally be involved and supportive of their students. Students do best when a parent or guardian is home to help them during the day.

What is the role of the Governing Board?

The Governing Board consists of all volunteers––parents, teachers, and professionals in other fields. This group has primary decision-making authority for the school. The role of the board is to ensure that Leadership Academy staff and service providers follow through with the mission, vision, and goals of the school.

Tuition - Supplies

Does Leadership Academy charge tuition?

No. As a public charter school, we do not charge tuition.

What about books, internet, computers and software for students?

The school provides a loaned laptop computer with the appropriate software that students will need to participate in our courses. Parents are responsible to provide high-speed internet. We also reimburse for books.