Graduate Testimonials


Luke A. – “The mentors are perfect; they strive, inspire, and lead with excellence. Their valiant example provides students a light by which to mature and grow as role models of greatness.”

Jordan B. – “My favorite thing about LANV is that I have had the freedom to take control of my own education. I have been taught how to think and not what to think. I have been able to grow my own opinions on different matters in literature, science, and world events in an environment that challenges me to think beyond what I already know while still giving me the freedom of choice. That’s what this school is all about–having the freedom to become who you are, to be a leader.”

Samantha B. – “My favorite thing about LANV is the leadership classes and mentors. The leadership courses this school offered have changed how I view life and how I want to live life. I’ve developed better habits by taking the advice offered in these classes. The mentors have been a blessing to me as well.  They all care about us so much and because of that, I feel I can talk to them about anything.”

Myia C. – “What I have loved about LANV is all the control I had over my schedule, it was nice to be able to do things at my own pace and on my own time.”

DJ S. – “My favorite thing about LANV is the fact that everyone wants to make it into a home-ish thing. To me, LANV has felt like a home this entire time. I can tell it feels like a home to other people too, and I love that.”